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Sports Club Administration (Special Purpose Award, Level 6)


This course will provide the participants with a full understanding of the dynamics, responsibilities and relationships involved in the administration of a sports club. It will instil an appreciation of the skills required to oversee the complexities, be they administrative, financial or managerial, involved in the modern sports club. It will provide the participants with the managerial and leadership skills to become a valuable contributor to the affairs of their club.

Entry Requirements

Proven experience as a Sports Club Officer or Committee Member


The course will cover the following topics in detail:

  • The context of National Sporting Organisations
  • Governance and the roles of officers and committees
  • Strategic and operational planning in a club context
  • Structures and the operation of committees
  • Leadership and management in a sports club environment
  • Communication and its critical importance in club affairs
  • Understanding current legislation such as Child Protection
  • Health and Safety in a sports club environment
  • Fundraising and financial management in a club context
  • Club operations and administration in a part-time format
  • Human Resource Management in a voluntary environment
  • Marketing the club in a competitive space

Assessment / Examination

This module will be based on 100% continuous assessment so there will be no examination. Assessment over 20 weeks duration will consist of two (2) realistic Case Studies and a documented assignment which will concentrate on the creation of a three-year strategy for a sports club. The participants will be grouped into teams at the outset and their ability to perform as a team member will also be assesse​d.


Certificate in Sports Club Administration (Level 6, 10 Credits)


€100 + booking fee of €6.19 (subsidised rate)

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Tipperary Sports Partnership through Dormant Accounts Funds from Sport Ireland funded the development of this award & the course fees for Clubs in Tipperary are subsidised by Tipperary Sports Partnership

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