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Solar Energy (Manufacturing/Electrical Technology Module)


To give the learner a detailed understanding of the operation and application of PhotoVoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems.

Having successfully completed this subject the learner will be able to:

  1. Determine the solar resource at any given site.
  2. Size and select the components of a grid connected photovoltaic system.
  3. Design off-grid PV systems.
  4. Explain the construction, operation and installation of PV and solar thermal systems.
  5. Assess the viability of solar thermal systems for domestic and large-scale applications.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for participants wishing to take this module as a single subject. However, this is not an introductory level module and some familiarity with the area as well as a level of independent study is expected for exam success. Participants taking this module as part of the Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical or Manufacturing Technology must meet the entry requirements outlined on their course pages.


The module will cover the following major topics:

  • Solar resource evaluation
  • PV output calculation
  • Overview
  • Construction
  • Operation connection of PV systems
  • Planning & grid connection regulations
  • Design of off-grid PV systems
  • Solar thermal collectors & system components and operation
  • Solar thermal output calculation.


The module has continuous assessment worth 50% and a final exam worth 50%. It is necessary to pass both elements to achieve an award in the module.


This module may be completed as a stand-alone course, or it may be completed by eligible participants for credit towards the award of Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Technology (Level 7) or Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Technology (Level 7).


Students not registered on the Degree may, upon request, receive an LIT Subject Certificate (Level 7, 5 Credits) on successful completion of the module. Students registered for the Degree will receive ECTS credits for each group of modules successfully completed. Accumulation of 60 Credits will lead to the Degree Award.

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