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Quality Management – Part 2 (EIQA Diploma)


The aim of this programme is to give participants an understanding of general management principles (based on the ISO9000 standards) and of how quality is managed in a manufacturing or service organisation. It will explain the methodology of quality improvement, in particular the various tools and techniques for analysis. This programme is designed for technical staff, supervisors and management, who are already familiar with the principles and basic practices of Quality Management, and who now require further development to enhance their expertise in relation to the quality function. The programme is intended as a follow-on to the Diploma in Quality Management (Part 1).

Entry Requirement

Entry is restricted to those who have successfully completed the Excellence Ireland Quality Association Diploma in Quality Management (Part 1) or equivalent.
Applicants who have not completed the Diploma in Quality Management Part 1 and who are applying for Part 2 based on an alternative qualification should complete the recognition of prior learning application form and submit with supporting documentation in order to be assessed for an exemption from Part 1.


The Diploma in Quality Management is a two year programme. Part 2 (Year 2) addresses the following:

  • Introduction to total quality
  • Quality management philosophies
  • Review of quality standards
  • Quality awards
  • Leadership
  • Human resource development
  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Process management
  • Measurement and strategic information management
  • Building and sustaining total quality organisations
  • Critical analysis of developments in total quality


The Programme is assessed through an annual written examination and a project completed during each year.
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