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Portfolio Preparation (Evening Course)


This course is intended to be a period of intense and extensive visual research using the following – Drawing, Colour Studies, 3D Studies using paper, plaster, wire, etc., and any other 2D/3D media/process which is appropriate.

Entry Requirement

There are no formal academic entry requirements. This programme is designed for those who have entered the Leaving Certificate Stream and who may be interested in pursuing a career in Art & Design at third level. This programme is also positioned for those who have completed the leaving certificate but did not study Art and for mature applicants who may be interested in studying Art & Design at third level. It is necessary for students attending the course to bring an object or collection of objects from which to work.  Students will be working from these source objects for the duration of the course. Students will also be required to provide certain materials. Further information on object selection and materials required will be issued upon request.


Continuous evaluation will take place during the programme with final evaluation on completion of programme


A certificate of Completion will be issued to eligible participants
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