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Plaster Model and Mould Making for Clay (Craft/Ceramics)


This programme will introduce participants to the process of ceramic slip casting and provide them with a good foundation leading to proficient in batch production ware.

The course will address the processes, materials, tools and techniques involved in the making of a master model and subsequent mould as students produce both elements through the duration of the course including the casting of several pieces in stoneware slip and firing to recommended temperature with a provided glaze.


During the course, a variety of model making techniques will be demonstrated and exercised by students, they will gain experience in the use powered machinery combined with hand building methods, tools and the making of custom tools as means to create full scale models and prototypes from drawn designs.

Students will learn about the properties of the materials involved and therefore time management and planning of work strategies geared towards satisfactory solutions.

In this way, participants will share in the learning experience and be exposed to creative challenges resolvable through reflection of their work and the progressing of their skills.


Handouts will be distributed as needed, including diagrams and materials information, followed by discussions outlining procedures, techniques and casting strategies.

Contemporary practices will be discussed throughout the course.

Materials and equipment will be provided. 

Entry Requirements

There are no formal academic entry requirements. This programme is suitable for anyone wishing to learn technical aspects of plaster model and plaster mould making for ceramic slip casting combined with exploring applications in creative projects. No previous experience is necessary. The programme is also suitable for experienced practitioners who wish to develop proficiencies.


  • Introduction to the plaster lathe
  • Introduction to plaster powered whirler
  • Introduction to plaster hand build model making
  • Plaster mixing
  • Making stoneware slip
  • Slip casting
  • Assembly and trimming of slip casted pieces
  • Bisque firing
  • Glaze firing


There will be no formal examination. A group discussion and feedback on work in progress and final piece presentation will be timetabled. Each participant will create a model, a mould, a limited number of slip casted pieces (subject to students’ progress) and at least one glazed piece.


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all eligible participants.

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