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Introduction to Photo Editing and Digital Painting in Photoshop


This course was designed with designer/maker in mind and it focuses in some of this particular communities’ basic needs.

Skills acquired are transferable through a wide range of creative disciplines that involve the design and development of graphic work such as artistic rendering and colouring, digital painting, fashion design, print making, surface decoration and photo editing.


The course will provide learners with key digital editing knowledge and skills to showcase their work. Participants will learn to enhance images of their artwork through manipulation of light and shadows within their digital photographs as well as cleaning the environment in which their artwork resides within the image.

During the course, this skills will further develop into digital painting and rendering which allows practitioners to develop designs and surface treatment digitally in a quick and intuitive manner which will further improve the design process of their projects.

These very skills are also widely used by contemporary fine artist as a way to develop ideas before committing them to canvas, print press, installation or other various chosen media, and therefore will be useful to those aspiring for a career in art and those looking for alternative tools to enhance their practice.

Because of the vast variety of applications Photoshop is used for in present-day, persons who may be interested in this course range from fine artist, designers and makers of any discipline, animation and motion design artists, as well as hobbyist and those engaged or interested in the creation, development or improvement of a design portfolio for job applications or third level education.


Participants will be introduced to the use of leading image editing software which allows them not only to edit and enhance digital images, but also to create digital paintings for the purpose of illustrating and develop ideas, graphic storytelling, advertisement, surface decoration and planning, project presentation, etc.

During the course students will be taught creative ways in which Photoshop can be used for:

  • Retouching, and enhancing of images of art work for submission to galleries, competitions, online catalogues and print
  • Control over image sizing (digital, physical and resolution)
  • Design surface, texture and colour composition to be used in art work
  •  Create presentation boards for study, research and exhibition
  • Manipulate images focal point
  • Digital drawing and painting with a digital tablet, and using a layering “non-destructive” work flow

Commands that will be extensible practiced during the course include:

  • Navigating and customizing Photoshop’s user interface
  • Layers and paths
  • Brushes and colour blending
  • Selection tools (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand)
  • Cropping
  • Blurring and sharpening
  • Dodge and burn tools
  • Eraser
  • Pen tool
  • Text
  • Gradients
  • Shortcuts

Entry Requirements

There are no formal academic entry requirements. This programme is suitable for anyone wishing to learn phot editing and digital painting using leading software.

No previous experience necessary, however, a basic understanding of computer software including the knowledge on common applications such as internet browsers, windows explorer and file/folder management is needed.

This programme is also suitable for experienced practitioners who wish to develop proficiencies.


Handout materials and computers will be provided on site.

A laptop or PC will be needed to practice at home with Photoshop 2014 or newer installed. A downloadable temporary licence is available from adobe website, alternatively, similar Open source image editors like or can be used.


There will be no formal examination. A group discussion and feedback on work in progress and final piece presentation will be timetabled.


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all eligible participants.



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