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Creative Multimedia Programming (Level 8 Higher Diploma)


This postgraduate programme offers rewarding and challenging possibilities for learners interested in undertaking a conversion programme in the area of multimedia, and its application in social, media and enterprise environments.

The aim of this programme is to give the participants an academically challenging educational experience that will enable them to develop their knowledge base, professional attitudes, project management skills and industry awareness to serve both the multimedia computing industry and society. The course also aims to provide learners with the opportunity to engage in independent research that integrates concepts, issues and ethical principles that allow the student to question existing precept.

Programme Aims:
-Provide a rigorous curriculum in the study areas applicable to Multimedia Computing and Design.
-Establish a thorough understanding of the scientific, technological and design processes in the creation of interactive
digital environments.
-Cultivate a practical understanding of the interactive digital media industry and of the management of interactive digital
media project development, having regard to the importance of networking, team integration, knowledge management,
and economic environment.
-Equip the student with the skills necessary for the management of information and its associated technologies.
-Enable the student to contribute to the multimedia development environment in a manner that sustains and enhances
both the success and competitive ability of a multimedia business.
-Develop initiative, encourage an imaginative approach to the solution of problems and promote leadership qualities, as
well as encouraging students to be productive team members and to communicate effectively

Entry Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the minimum entry requirement of a Level 8 degree, or equivalent, in a non-IT discipline. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may be granted based on relevant experience and training in accordance with LIT’s RPL Policy.

To be eligible for an ICT skills conversion course a person must be:

For the one-year full-time ICT Conversion courses you may be eligible irrespective of your employment status (i.e. whether you are employed or unemployed) and regardless of whether you are in receipt of income support from the Department of Social Protection.

For the two year part-time ICT Conversion courses you may be eligible if you are employed. If you are unemployed and in receipt of a jobseekers payment (including Farm Assist and Qualified Adults of Working Age) you are not eligible for the two year ICT Conversion courses. However, if you are in receipt of other social protection payments, e.g. One Parent Family or Disability Allowance, you may be eligible for the two year part-time Conversion programmes.


This programme is designed to address the current skills shortage in the ICT sector. Interactive Digital Media is the convergence and integration of various types of digital media, including images, sound, video, text, graphics and animations. The HDip in Creative Multimedia Programming responds to a growing skills shortage in industry for interactive digital technologies, and in particular to support broadcast, entertainment, surveillance, gaming, internet, communications and consumer industries.

Modules covered during the programme will be as follows:

Interactive Multimedia Design,
3D Graphics,
Web Programming,
Multimedia Digital Video,
Web Development,
Multimedia Database Systems & Design,
Emerging Web Technologies,
Human Cognition & Communication,
Project Management,
Work Placement (Summer Time)


Participants will be assessed through ongoing continuous assessment, assignments, projects and examinations.


There will be between 20 to 25 contact hours per week, during day-time hours (i.e. between the hours of 9am & 6pm).

There will be additional self-study required.

This is an intense programme and students should expect to be on campus for most of the week, Monday through Friday inclusive.


Higher Diploma (Level 8, 60 Credits)

How to Apply

Applicants must apply for these programmes on the Springboard Website, using the following link:
Higher Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming

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