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Web Analytics (Single Subject Certificate, Level 6)


Knowing whether your message is reaching your audience is one of the ultimate metrics of all online content producers. The Web Analytics module explores the process of gathering data from online conversations and then processing those data into structured insights. You get hands-on use of industry tools with the Web Analytics module. Through a series of iterative sessions, you analyze the effectiveness of paid, earned and owned content on web sites and inside social media networks. Viewing these structured insights leads to higher quality business decisions and increased customer retention for brands, businesses and government agencies. You apply quantitative analysis while using tools to systematically identify, extract and analyze social media data (such as likes, shares, tweets, links and lists). You also gain insights through their hands-on experience, helping to better align information and promotion campaigns with business goals and objectives.


Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal entry requirements for this module, some familiarity with the area as well as a level of independent study would be expected in order to meet course objectives.



Measure What Matters: building intelligent quantification of velocity, lift and reach.

Search Engine Fundamentals: current business intelligence about Google and Bing.

Online Advertising: Setting up and measuring a Google Adwords Campaign. Revising content for better discoverability.

Facebook Insights: Reading trends and predicting reach.

Twitter Analytics: Tracking weekly stats connected to hashtagged campaigns.

Mailchimp Analytics: Testing Templates, Campaigns and Lists.

Design Thinking: Iterating campaigns using fundamentals of Design Thinking.



Weekly Updates. Up to three campaigns will be launched throughout the academic term and students will individually and collaboratively review and revise these while they are active. Each week, major findings will be validated prior to revising campaign content and refining campaign reach. Students earn academic credit for the quality of analysis they provide.

Co-authored work. Each week a discussion topic will be explored as students provide their inputs and observations about the direction of on-going campaigns. The business intelligence emerging from these collaborative documents result in academic credit.



Certificate in Web Analytics (Single Subject Certificate Level 6, 5 Credits)

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