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Psychology and Counselling Skills (Adlerian)

Adlerian Psychology and Counselling Skills

Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology is a dynamic, holistic and insightful model that regards people as ‘human becomings’. Adlerian psychology is an exciting and useful way to better understand people and their particular paths through life. It believes that each human being is a unity of mind, body and spirit, and therefore unique.

Individual psychology is valuable in many fields of human interaction, such as parenting, teaching, coaching, community development, group work (team building, group roles and dynamics), consultancy, management (leadership style, organisational change) and personality analysis (career planning, life planning). The Adlerian model is a systematic approach to working with individuals, families and other groups on improving the quality of their emotional lives.


  • To provide students with a workable understanding of Adlerian Psychology
  • To provide students with an overview of Adlerian counselling skills
  • To enhance student’s communication skills
  • To provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to function as change agents in different settings
  • To provide students with opportunities to change and flourish in their lives


Unit 1: Basic Listening Skills, Basic Concepts of Individual Psychology, Origins of Individual Psychology, Adlerian Counselling Process, Introduction to Lifestyle, Family Constellation.

Unit 2: Long and Short Term Goals, Childhood Memories and Private Logic,  Summary of Lifestyle Information and Lifestyle Assessment.

Unit 3: Adlerian Counselling Techniques, Emotions, Priorities, Life Tasks, Encouragement, Empathy and Further Counselling Skills.  Advanced Adlerian Counselling Techniques, Social Interest, Applications of Individual Psychology and Moving Forward.

Entry Requirements

The programme is aimed at anyone 23 years or over who is interacting with people and who wishes to improve his/her communication/counselling skills and how he/she relates to people. The Adlerian approach to working with people believes in the possibility of change, and that what we need to make these changes in our lives is courage. The programme will be of particular usefulness to the following: Teachers (classroom, learning support, resource and guidance counsellors and home/school liaison), health board workers, social workers, nurses, community development personnel, childcare workers, parents, HR personnel, managers, and interested individuals. This Certificate is for anyone who would like to improve the quality of his/her own lives and how he/she interacts with others. Selection for the programme will be by written application and interview.


Assessment will be by a variety of continuous assessment methods, including a learning journal. Much of the teaching/learning on this programme will be experiential, i.e. working in small groups and getting feedback. Personal growth work is intrinsic to the programme. Course work is assessed on a pass/fail basis.


Certificate in Adlerian Psychology and Counselling Skills (Special Purpose Award, Level 6, 10 Credits).

Adlerian Network of Ireland

Adlerian Network of Ireland’s Summer School will take place in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary from Thursday 19th July to Sunday 22nd July 2018 see Adlerian Network of Ireland for details.


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