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Process & Engineering Management BSc (Hons)


The aim of the programme is to prepare the graduates to be process ready for their industry sector. Industry wants graduates to be knowledgeable about how processes work, how to collect data, interpret the data and derive inferences from the data. Graduates will be able to add value to the processes they are working on from the start. The graduate is prepared by utilising industry case studies and industry project applications that allow the learner to work with industry and develop an understanding of their requirements.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must satisfy a minimum entry requirement of a pass in a relevant Bachelor Degree (Level 7) in a relevant field with an overall average performance of at least 40% or an equivalent qualification to a Bachelor Degree (Level 7) with appropriate prerequisite subjects or a pass in a relevant Bachelor Degree (Level 7) with one-year suitable and relevant work experience.


The programme requires significant independent learning and engagement with local industry, where learners actively work with various companies to apply applied process improvement techniques and also to create project plans that would be of benefit to the companies.

Modules covered will be as follows:

Project management:

This module is both theoretical and applied. The learners are required to work with industry to create a project plan for a company. On completing the module learners can apply to the professional accreditation of project management professional (PMP) for credits.

Applied Process Improvement:

The aim of this module is to give abroad overview of the tools and techniques that are used in Lean Six sigma projects. On completion of the module learners can also complete the America green belt six sigma exam resulting in green belt certification.

Engineering Operations Management:

The aim of this module is to give abroad overview of the tools and techniques that are used in the operations and manufacturing environment.


This module will give the learner a broad foundation in statistics and a foundation in the statistical thinking that form the basis of the six sigma process.


The module aims to develop a learners research skills and ability to work independently to produce a dissertation.


Learners are assessed by a combination of assignments and examinations.


Bachelor of Science in Process & Engineering Management (Level 8, 60 Credits)


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This programme is part supported by the Irish government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020

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