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Painting Skills and Techniques


The aim of this programme is to introduce participants to a wide variety of painting skills, materials and processes. This course is aimed at beginners and those who already have painting skills but wish to expand their existing practice. Through structured lesson plans the students would develop skills and confidence in the areas of Painting, Observation and Visual Research. These skills would revolve around the following key elements and materials: Painting and Drawing Techniques, Colour/ Texture, Paints, Dry Pigments, Water Based/Oil Based, Pastels – Chalk / Oil, Inks – Gum Based / Shellac Based, Watercolours –Tube/Cake / Liquid / Crayons / Caran D’Ache Fixpencils & Water-soluble wax pastels, Mediums, Glazes, Varnishes, Brushes –various uses & suitability, Papers – various types & Stretching / Preparation, Canvas – various types, Stretching & Priming / Preparation, Boards / Paint surfaces / Preparation.

Entry Requirement

There are no formal academic entry requirements. This programme is suitable for anyone wishing to explore their creative potential and learn new skills. Students will also be required to provide certain materials. Further information on materials required will be issued upon request.


Content includes painting tools/techniques, colour use/ application, painting methods and mixed media. Students will develop their ideas through research and experimentation while also working on a personal project. Students will be encouraged to experiment, develop ideas, and establish a creative approach. The use of sketchbooks is also to be highly encouraged. Through practical exercises students will explore painting as a means of recording, observing and analysis for visual development. They will explore painting techniques and processes, experimenting with a range of diverse materials. Through painting exercises students will develop hand-eye co-ordination and select/consider the appropriate use of methods and materials.


Continuous evaluation will take place during the programme with final evaluation on completion of programme. Each participant should produce at least three to four small finished works, although the work would be ‘process led’ rather than product orientated


Certificate in Painting Skills & Techniques (Certificate of Attendance)
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