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Media Writing


This module will help students develop the necessary writing and technical skills to write  correctly for different print media. It will also help students develop the necessary analytical skills to write critically about elements of popular print media. The module will provide opportunities for the students to develop their potential in creative writing and also develop an appreciation of different writing styles and associated narrative conventions. It will feature a series of exercises designed to lay the foundation for writing press releases. The module will also promote the development of functional and creative writing through a variety of workshop and online collaborative methodologies, culminating in the completion of a portfolio of work that can be subsequently reviewed and built on throughout the programme.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements to take this module, however these are not introductory level modules and some familiarity with the area as well as a level of independent study would be expected for exam success.


Weekly Production Meetings. Following lectures on each element of practise, students will individually and collaboratively explore, evaluate, and create written work throughout this module in weekly production meetings. Students will read and report on their own written work, the selected work of other writers, journalists and reporters. Guest speakers from print media will be invited to attend selected workshops. Journal and Portfolio Development. Each week students will have a task to complete and they will develop their own portfolio of writing in a journal throughout the module. Portions of the in-class work will be published online in shared workspaces and will also be tracked using a virtual learning environment.


12 weeks, 3 hrs per week
Commencing 24th January 2017 in LIT Clonmel
Commencing 26th January 2017 in LIT Moylish


Single Subject Certificate, 5 Credits, Level 6



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