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Technology Engaged Communities (Special Purpose Award, Level 6)


The aim of this programme is to provide an introduction to the ways in which communities can demonstrate creative uses of open hardware technology. Specifically, the programme will outline how technology may utilise public spaces that prioritise principles of participation and collective decision-making.



Learners will be introduced to basic computer skills, followed by an introduction to simple open hardware concepts and designs for community-led projects. It is envisaged that learners will apply the programme to their own community-based projects. Examples may include local environmental and health monitoring for the community, community energy projects, security projects such as text alert/surveillance, wildlife monitoring and intergenerational initiatives.



On successful completion of this programme participants will be able to –

  • Outline issues faced by communities and offer possible solutions informed by technological innovation and collective leadership.
  • Identify and describe skills and strategies that seek to work towards transforming a community through technology.
  • Examine case studies from national and international perspectives that use open hardware to potentially inform community interventions.
  • Evaluate the impacts of integrating technology into community development initiatives.
  • Assemble hardware modules for the purpose of gathering sensor data.
  • Programme and troubleshoot software used to control open hardware components.
  • Demonstrate the ability to gather field-data from hardware/software kits for further analysis.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal academic entry requirements.


  • Introductory module covering basic computer skills and LIT’s online course delivery system.
  • Contextualising technology within communities.
  • The social impact of open hardware and software movements.
  • Social medial and crowd-sourced technology aimed at community engagement.
  • Ethical mindfulness in the gathering and analysis of community data.
  • Technical understanding of open hardware and how to customise hardware for community-led projects.


The programme’s modules will be assessed through 100% continuous assessment. Learners will submit assignments through an online submission system comprising a case-study and a hardware project blog at the end of each module.


Certificate in Technology Engaged Communities (Special Purpose Award, Level 6, 10 Credits)

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